Hiking Camera Nature Photography

Bobcat Finally Walks Towards Trail Camera on Beaver dam


Beautiful Bull Moose for Massachusetts


Busy Beaver Dam

Camera Trapping

  June has been an active month camera trapping. Cameras are picking more moose than previous yeas. Bobcat on top of page took three years to catch it  walking towards the trail camera

All camera trapping is done in North Central Massachusetts. Pictures & videos will be added regularly.

DSLR  Photography

Hiking with camera in hand has been slow.Due for a "Big Day" ! 

The hiking-odometer rolled over to 3000 miles hiked in the "Quabbin" Where does it go from here? We shall see..........


I'm a outdoor enthusiast with a lifelong passion for nature. Whether it’s bushwhacking a new area, setting out  camera traps, or  watching dawn  set in with a DSLR, the anticipation of seeing wildlife and capturing a photo is rewarding !  

Setting out camera traps along  my hiking trails  has added another dimension to capturing wildlife  pictures.